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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 4380 Summit Bridge Rd, Middletown, DE.  Please see our Location and Contact page for an area map, or call us for directions!

When should my child begin dance classes ?

A child’s dance education can begin as early as the age of two, when they have the motor skills to participate in dance class. Children are like sponges, eager to learn.  Our Mini Munchkins & Moms class is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance! 

What benefits will my child gain from dance class?

There are many benefits to be found in the art of dance.  Physical benefits include coordination, flexibility, fitness, and strength.  There are also intellectual benefits which include spatial development, patterning, sequential learning, problem solving, and right and left brain inclusion.  Your child will also benefit socially from dance classes as they build camaraderie with their classmates, and build lifelong friendships.  Dance classes also help to build your child's confidence and self-esteem as well as self-discipline, and persistence.

Should my son take dance?

Yes! It is equally important for boys to have the same opportunity to learn rhythm & timing, coordination, classroom etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts. Dance will increase strength and flexibility, and help to build a strong, healthy body that is a benefit in all future sports programs and professions.

Enrolling in Classes

When do classes start?

The 2020-2021 season begins September 14th.

I'm interested in enrolling (or enrolling my child) for classes. What do I need to do?

First of all, we'd like to welcome you! If you already know which class you’d like to enroll in, simply click on any of the “Register Now” buttons on our website.  You will be taken to the online registration page and from there you are able to register for any of our open classes.  You can always email us with any questions about available classes, or to arrange a visit to the studio.  Due to COVID-19 studio visits are limited and must be scheduled in advance.

Can I enroll my child after the start of a season?

Yes, we accept enrollments up to December 14th. However, we recommend enrolling as early in the season as possible; starting early in the season helps students to grasp the new movements and choreography with greater ease.

What does it cost to register for dance?

A non-refundable $25 registration fee per student or $35 per family is due upon registration with first & last month’s tuition payment to reserve class space.

Why won’t the registration form allow me to pay online?

It will … BUT … only after I have reviewed your registration, figured in all fees, and applied appropriate discounts.  

Tuition, Payments & Discounts

What is the tuition for a dance class?

Tuition is based upon how many hours of instruction a student takes per week. Please see our Tuition Chart for details.

My tuition in the same each month, even though some months have 3 classes and some have 5. Will you pro-rate my tuition for these months?

The tuition amount is an annual amount that is divided in to 10 equal payments (September-June). The monthly installment remains the same each month. However, if a student registers in the middle of a month, we will prorate the remainder of the month. Or, if a student enrolls once the school year has started, and would like to pay annually, we would prorate the remainder of the year through June.

How does the tuition work? Can I pay month to month?

Tuition can be paid annually or monthly via credit card, cash, or check. An auto pay option is available as a convenience to those families that would like their tuition automatically billed on the first business day of each month.  You must have a credit card number on file to take advantage of the auto pay option.  There is a non-negotiable $10 late fee applied after the 8th of each month. If no payment is received by the end of the month, the child will not be allowed to attend classes. After 3 late payments, the entire balance must be paid in full, or you MUST do auto-pay. There will be a non-negotiable $30 returned check fee.  Tuition is non-refundable unless Bella Dance Center removes a class from their schedule.

Does the monthly tuition change depending on how many weeks are in a month?

Bella Dance Center operates on a school year calendar model.  Tuition is based on an annual amount and therefore remains the same whether there are 3, 4 or 5 weeks of classes per month. Tuition is not adjusted for studio closures due to performance weeks, holidays, inclement weather, or winter and spring break.

I have more than one child that I would like to enroll for classes. Do you offer a family discount?

Yes, we calculate tuition based on cumulative hours, so the discount applies whether you enroll one child in multiple classes, or two or more children in dance class. 

What if I sign my child up for more than one class per week?

For those who want to take more than one dance class each week, we calculate tuition based on cumulative hours.  The more classes you take, the more money you save! 

Dance Attire

What do students need to wear?

A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teachers and the art of dance. Teachers must be able to see the dancer’s body outline clearly to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc. Leotards and tights are a dancer’s uniform; please contact the studio for attire and dance shoe requirements specific to your child’s class. Boys should wear black dance pants or shorts and white t-shirts.  Long hair must be pulled back and secured in a bun/ponytail/braid. Short hair must be pulled back and secured away from face.  No jewelry is permitted during class. Please have all dancers remove any earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. before entering the studio.

Classes: Cancellations, Absences, Make-Up Classes, Etc.

How many kids are in a class?

Class sizes generally depend on the style of dance and the age of the dancers. For example, our Mini Munchkins & Moms classes are limited to eight students per class, our Munchkin classes are limited to twelve students per class and most of our combo classes have up to fifteen dancers enrolled. 

Can I watch my child's dance class?

Due to COVID-19 our waiting/viewing areas are currently closed.  

Do I call the studio if my child will miss class?

Single absences do not need to be reported, unless there is an injury or serious illnesses requiring an extended period of absence. You can make-up a class at your earliest convenience by attending the same type of class.

What if class is cancelled due to inclement weather?

If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather a number of things will happen: an e-mail will be sent to the class indicating that class has been cancelled, a message will be posted on the home page of our website, a message will be posted on our Facebook page, and a recorded phone message will be in place on the studio phone (302-285-9603).  There will be no personal phone calls, e-mails, or Facebook messages made or sent. Make-up your class at your convenience anytime throughout the year.  There are no make-up classes for Holidays or Winter/Spring Recess.

What if my child wants to change classes?

A class change must be for an appropriate level and have the approval of the instructor if there is space available. Changes will be only allowed until November and a class change form must be submitted.

What if our schedule changes and we can no longer make our dance class?

We are on your team, and we're happy to assist you in finding a way to work your child into a class that fits your schedule as best we can. If a student needs to change their class, they can do so immediately after they fill out a class change form that is available at the front desk.

What if my child wants to stop dancing?

We understand that children sometimes change their minds. If you would like help in talking with your child to find out why, we are on your team, and we're happy to assist you in encouraging them to stay. If your student wants to withdraw from class, the school requires a written notice on the appropriate withdrawal form. All withdrawals will be effective 30 days from the date received. For your protection and to be certain that your account is properly closed, withdrawal cannot be accepted over the phone, by e-mail or through a teacher. No withdrawals will be accepted for the months of December or June. Any withdrawals dated after November 1, 2020 will be effective Jan 1, 2021. No withdrawals dated after May 1, 2021 will be accepted.

Can my child dance with his/her friend/sibling?

While we would love to accommodate everyone's requests and carpools, we place dancers according to age and ability.

I tried to get my child into a class on a specific time/day, but the class was already full. What are my options?

For the benefit of all students, we do limit our class sizes to ensure personalized, one-on-one attention.  Classes can fill up quickly and sometimes certain class times fill up faster than others.  We do offer most class types on multiple days during the week to ensure all students can find something that works with their schedule.

My daughter is 9 years old, and this will be her first year in dance class. Will she be in a “beginner” class with much younger students?

No, she will be enrolled in a class with students in her own age group. Most of our classes have both new and current students; more than likely, she will meet another student in her class who is also a beginner.

What if my child will be late to class?

Classes begin promptly and late entrance is disruptive to the learning environment established at the beginning of each class. Dancers arriving late will need to wait at the studio entrance until the instructor welcomes them into the classroom. This allows the instructor to finish instruction with the dancers present and allow a smooth transition for the dancer arriving late to enter the classroom. To prevent injury, dancers arriving more than 15 minutes late to class may be asked to view only. Our student’s physical safety is important to us and we would hate to have a dancer injured.

Can my child take a break from class and resume during the same calendar year?

Our curriculum is designed for students’ attendance from September thru June. Consistency in attendance is essential for improvement and growth in the dance elements, as well as guaranteeing class placement. Students wishing to discontinue instruction must give a 30 day written notice to withdraw from the class.

Can I make up a class if I missed a dance lesson?

Bella Dance Center has a very liberal make-up policy. However, tuition is non-refundable and credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, vacation, etc. Classes missed may be made up by attending another class and not used as tuition credit for the class that the student is enrolled in. Make up classes are subject to space availability and are limited to 4 per student per school year with no more than 2 make-ups used in any one calendar month. Please call the school office to schedule your make-up class. Some classes may be closed to make-up lessons at the teachers’ request. Make-up classes must be used by the end of the school year in June and are not valid into the Summer Session or transferable into the next school year. Make-up classes are not for classes that are missed due to scheduled school holidays or closures.



Do you have an annual recital?

Yes! June 2021 is our recital month. Location, date and times to be announced.

Is participation in the recital mandatory?

The June recital is a wonderful achievement for your dancer but it is not required. Students will benefit from taking class whether or not they perform on stage.

Why are costume payments due so early in the year?

Costume payments are due in full by November for a number of reasons:

  • We really do order costumes this early in the year because they take months to make.

  • After costumes arrive we need to ensure they fit and allow for time to exchange those costumes that don't fit or came to us damaged.

  • Picture Day is in April and we need to make sure that all of the above can happen in time for pictures.

Do you offer fundraisers to help with costumes/recital fees?

YES! We organize a couple of fundraisers within the season to enable you to offset the cost of costumes, recital fees, even tuition should you so choose!  As those dates approach we will provide you with information specific to each fundraiser.  Fundraising is NOT required; we offer it as a way for you to offset your costs should you choose to participate.

Why do I have to buy tickets to the recital?

The cost of producing a recital and renting a venue is very high but it is an essential part of our program as it is the culmination of the dancers' hard work. Because every family has a different number of people in attendance we don't feel it would be fair to build the cost of recital into tuition by distributing it evenly across all students. 

What does the recital fee include?

For your first child the recital fee includes 2 tickets, 1 Download of 1 performance, 1 VideoPass for dress rehearsal, recital t-shirt, flowers, 1 class/group photo displayed in commemorative program, and 1 commemorative program. The fee for each additional child includes 2 tickets, t-shirt, flowers, class/group photo in commemorative program and 1 commemorative program.


Does the Mini Munchkins & Moms class perform in the recital?

Of course!  ALL of our classes perform in the recital.  Each class has a pre-determined number of dances that will be performed in the annual show, and ALL of our dancers perform in the Grand Finale!


Is there dance class when school is closed?

You should always check the Calendar page on our website to see when the studio is open/closed. We do NOT close for every school holiday, so please check the calendar if you are unsure; all dates that the studio is closed are listed there.  In cases of inclement weather, the studio will follow the procedures outlined under the "What if class is cancelled due to inclement weather?" FAQ.

Can I find out when Bella Dance Center is open or when there are important dates to remember?

Important dates are noted our school year calendar. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all school activities such as performances, rehearsals, and dates that the school is open or closed. We will post all notices on the studio bulletin board, and on our website calendar page.   We also highlight upcoming dates of note on our monthly newsletter.  Please regularly check our website or the studio bulletin board in the lobby to ensure that you are as informed as possible. Please notify Bella Dance Center of any address, email or phone number changes.

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But I Still Have More Questions!


More questions? No worries. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to personally explain to you anything you may want to know. And of course, you can always come by our studio before or during a class to see for yourself what we're all about.


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