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Mini Munchkins & Munchkins




This 45 minute class is energy filled with fun creative movement where beginner dancers, age 3 &4 years old, will learn basic ballet and tap technique & terminology as well as strength and stretching exercises.  These young dancers will develop coordination and musicality, along with listening skills.  A great introduction for boys and girls who are active and show an interest in music and dancing.





Please Note:

  • Dancer must have had their third birthday by September 9, 2024

  • Dancer must gladly separate from the caregiver and follow the loose structure of the class

  • Any child not ready to separate will thrive in our Mini-Munchkins and Moms class

  • The studio calendar year runs from Sept 9, 2024 – June TBD, 2025

  • While we recommend a student joining class as early in the season as possible, a student may join at any time from September through December if there is space available



Bella Dance Center
Bella Dance Center
Bella Dance Center
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