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Six Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Dance Class at Bella Dance Center!

Can you believe that summer is over? Back to school time means back to extracurricular activities for the kids time. We all know the benefits of a well-rounded child and there are so many after school activities available for children, it may be hard to decide what your child should do. Dance is a fantastic activity for your child! As a matter of fact, here are 6 great reasons you should enroll in a dance class today:

#6: Dance class promotes fitness! No matter what style of dance, your child will be moving. Dance classes begin with a warm up and stretching for flexibility, progress to across the floor and center floor work which is great cardio and then a cool down at the end. It's a great all around workout and exactly what your child needs to stay fit!

#5: Dance class builds self-esteem! Dance promotes expression, smiling, persistence, and reflection. Children can express themselves through movement. They learn what it takes to achieve something and as they challenge themselves to do so, they become more motivated. Accomplishments in dance also helps children have pride in their work and builds their sense of self worth.

#4: Dance class promotes social development! In addition to helping your child be more athletic and learn valuable skills for their personal development, dance can also teach social skills. In most forms of dance, teamwork is a necessary requirement. Not only are dancers required to follow directions from an instructor, they are also required to work together and learn to trust one another. Children’s dance lessons can also provide a time for children to interact, making lifelong friendships along the way.

#3: Dance class teaches discipline and focus! Children who take a dance class learn how to control the energy in their body through technique training. Dance requires much concentration and determination in order to master the moves, remember choreography, and finally....perform it!

#2: Dance builds good posture! We all know a dancer when we see one. They have a straight back, shoulders slightly back and their chin up! All of that comes from years of keeping your head off the floor, pushing your shoulders back, and making sure we aren't slouching or hyperextending our backs.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to enroll your child in dance class is……..

Dance class is FUN FUN FUN! Overall, the best reason for a child to take dance is because of the fun they will have. They will meet new people in an environment where they are free to express themselves! What kid wouldn't want to do that?!

Now that you know all the reasons to sign your child up, come join our dance family! Our 2016-2017 season is open for enrollments. Class sizes are limited, so be sure to reserve your child’s spot today! Visit our website, call us at 302-285-9603 or stop by the studio to see us. We will be there Tuesday, September 6th through Thursday, September 8th from 5pm to 8pm.

Classes start Monday, September 12th - we hope to see you there!

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